A Horse Named Coal

One day, RJ and Breeze and Red Cloud went to the Cummington Fairgrounds to do some demonstrations and teachings on how to tell if a horse is safe to ride before getting into the saddle. (More on that another day.) Anyway, a woman in the audience said that she had come to the fairgrounds that day for the sole purpose of meeting RJ and getting his help for a horse that she had rescued. Like so many horses, this horse was said to be problem free and he was gorgeous. He was problem free  – until  she tried to trailer him. Still, she finally managed to get him into the trailer and back home. He remained problem free until she tried to ride him or do most of the things one does with a horse. Then, he was terrified, dangerous in his distress. To put it mildly, things were not working out.  The prior owner refused to honor her promise to take him back. In desperation, Coal’s new owner called the MSPCA and they agreed to come out and bring him to yet another “home”. However, on the day they came, Coal was even more terrified and three and half hours of pushing and pulling and yelling failed to yield the desired result of getting Coal in the trailer. The MSPCA declared Coal dangerous and said they would be back soon to “put him down”. The woman who had tried to rescue Coal begged for some time to see if he could be helped, came to the fair and asked for a consultation from RJ. This is the beginning of Coal’s new life story.


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